Personal Arms

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Arms Persona Name Blazon Region Kingdom
Angelina Eriksova.bmp
Angelina Eriksova Rasvetta Azure, a swan wings displayed and inverted argent to sinister, holding a lute proper within a bordure gules. Altiora Galandor
Arthur MacArthur.bmp
Arthur MacArthur Na'MacArthur Per bend gules, and sable, a celtic cross argent. Altiora Galandor
Aryeloc Sunbane.bmp
Caitrin O'Brien full.bmp
Aryeloc Sunbane Per pale sable and argent, a fleur-de-lis countercharged in fess, a droplet gules in chief. Altiora Galandor
  Caitrin O'Brien Sable, a lozenge vert, a reversed chevron argent, a rampant horse argent facing sinister. Altiora Galandor
Chrispen Clairleone.bmp
Chrispen Clairleone Sable, a chalice Or. Altiora Galandor
Dimitri Volnevitch.bmp
Dimitri Volnevitch Per saltire sable and argent, a wolf's headed serpent erect countercharged in fess Altiora Galandor
Duncan MacNeil.jpg
Duncan Alastair MacNeil Sable, a reverse chevron rompu within a bordure both or Altiora Galandor
Eduard von Zarelexis.bmp
Eduard von Zarelexis Gyrony of ten, gules and Or in dexter, argent and azure in sinister, over all a lion rampant ermine in fess. Altiora Galandor
Ehwaz Bragisdotti.bmp
Ehwaz Bragisdotti Or, gutte de larmes, a raven displayed gules. Altiora Galandor
Eirian Ceffyl.bmp
Eirian Ceffyl Gules a horse rampant to sinister and in sinister canton a mullet argent Altiora Galandor
Elsis von Zarelexis.bmp
Erdrick Thomas.bmp
Eirikr Kylonen the Broken-Handed Sable, on the sun in its splendor or, an eagle displayed of the field Altiora Galandor
  Elsis von Zarelexis Azure, a rose argent in fess. Altiora Galandor
  Erdrick Thomas Blackblade Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron raper or a chief raguly of the last Altiora Galandor
Ezekial ben Moshe.jpg
Ezekial ben Moshe Argent, a tree proper fructed sinister proper Altiora Galandor
Gallant O'Driscole.bmp
Genevieve Leal Roundtree of the Sable.bmp
Gallant O'Driscole Per chevron vert and argent, in chief two double bladed axes argent and in base a compass rose sable Altiora Galandor
  Genevieve Leal Roundtree of the Sable
Argent, a crane displayed facing sinister sable in fess, a compass star with four greater and four lesser points Or enclosed within wings. Altiora Galandor
Gregory Wynterson.bmp
Gregory Wynterson Azure, a bears paw argent pierced by a mullet of four points azure, on a chief of the second, three mullets of four points of the first Altiora Galandor
Inara Morgana.jpg
Inara Morgana Purpure, a chevron argent with three mullets of eight points azure Altiora Galandor
Isabeau des Pegases.bmp
Isabeau des Pegases Sable, a bend sinister voided Or, a pegasus rampant to the sinister argent, between a compass star Or in dexter chief and an oak leaf proper in sinister base. Altiora Galandor
James Darkstar.bmp
James Darkstar Azure, a compass star with four greater and four lesser points base elongated sable fimbriated Or in fess between four mullets, two in chief and two in base. Altiora Galandor
Jessica Iverson.bmp
Jessica Iverson Per chevron sable and pean, a chevron Or, a decrescent double arched in dexter chief and an increscent double arched in sinister chief, of the same. Altiora Galandor
Cronos Reveya.bmp
Kronosch Kiwaczyk Per pale gules and argent a cross crosslet fitchy, in chief a pair of wings joined inverted counterchanged Altiora Galandor
Lacion Nailo.jpg
Lacion Nailo Vert, a saltire sable fimbriated or Altiora Galandor
Laurys y Vanninagh.bmp
Laurys y Vanninagh Sable, wyvrn displayed Or. Altiora Galandor
Lochinvar MacAulay.bmp
Lochinvar MacAulay Argent, an acorn proper within a bordure vert. Altiora Galandor
Maximillian des Pegases.bmp
Maximillian des Pegases Sable, on a bend sinister voided Or, a pegasus volant contourne argent, between a compass star of four greater and four lesser points Or in dexter chief and a great sword in bend proper in sinister base. Altiora Galandor
Moire MacMurtie.bmp
Moire MacMurtie Azure, a sea-unicorn sajant erect contourne argent, a chief wavy of the last a dolphin maiant embowed contourne of the first. Altiora Galandor
Neverita Thanatos.bmp
Nevertia Thanatos Azure, between a sun or in chief a flute and a decrescent argent in base a fess wavy argent Altiora Galandor
Pavel Supal of Prushunkie.bmp
Pavel Supal of Prushunkie Gules, a lion rampant queue-fourche argent, armed Or, a key Or on an escutcheon azure on the lion. Altiora Galandor
Phelan Stewart.bmp
Phelan Stewart Sable, a wolf's face argent in fess, between four compass stars of four greater and four lesser points of the same. Altiora Galandor
Reinhardt von Konrad.bmp
Reinhardt von Konrad Or, a scorpion in fess gules. Altiora Galandor
Richard "Rabbit" Kirk per bend gules and azure, in dexter chief a coney courant and in sinister base a sword inverted and a madu in saltire argent Altiora Galandor
Rune Evintorianalaxisabalandi.bmp
Rune Evintorianalaxisabalandi Argent, a baton with ribbons sable and purpure in sinister chief. Altiora Galandor
Rurik Levushka Ulyanov.bmp
Rurik Levushka Ulyanov Ermine, a lion dormant gules to sinister in fess within a bordure azure. Altiora Galandor
Sabrina Evintorienalaxisabalandi.bmp
Sabrina Evintorienalaxisabalandi Vert, a sword argent, in chief three compass stars of the same Altiora Galandor
Samara Brielle Aislyn.jpg
Samara Brielle Aislyn Per pale azure and argent, a roundel countercharged Altiora Galandor
Seibold von Groningen.bmp
Seibold von Groningen Vert, two spears saltirwise points upwards proper within a bordure of roundels argent Altiora Galandor
Shava Dardon.bmp
Shava Dardon Per fess embattled sable and azure, in chief a flute or and in base three crescents two and one argent Altiora Galandor
Thomas a'Boch.bmp
Thomas a'Boch Per fess azure and vert, an oak tree eradicated proper in fess, over all a dragon statant gules. Altiora Galandor
Treowin Godwinson.bmp
Treowin Godwinson Sable, an eagle displayed Or in base, three cross crosslet fichey of the same in chief. Altiora Galandor
Tsuruchi No Yuri.bmp
Tsuruchi No Yuri Per pale, the dexter per fess vert and sable and the sinister gules Altiora Galandor
Walrick Knightwalker.bmp
Walrick de Blakeney Per pale sable and argent, a tower within an orle of six mullets countercharged. Altiora Galandor
Yonaton von Shwartzuberflek.bmp
Charles de Bastian.JPG
Yonaton von
Sable, a bend sinister argent, a rondel of the first. Altiora Galandor
  Charles de Bastian Sable, a bend argent, three rooks azure between two increscents argent North Watch Galandor
Sanguinius.bmpMathilde Bratriz de Ossa.JPGMina Vahn.bmp
Mathilde Beatriz de Ossa Azure, a bend argent three books proper between two plates quatrefoil argent North Watch Galandor
  Mina Vahn Purpure, a rose Or. North Watch Galandor
  Sanguinius Sable, a saltire gules fimbriated Or, a double handed sword argent, within a bordure Or. North Watch Galandor
Order of the Argent Rook.jpg
Sanguinius Sable, a rook argent North Watch Galandor
Ian McTeer.JPG
Ian McTeer Sable goutte' de sang, a hawk wings elevated, addorsed and preying or Polaris Galandor
Karl von Lagerstein.JPG
Karl Von Lagerstein Per pale gules and azure, an eagle displayed argent, grasping two wood steins fooming at the mouth proper Polaris Galandor
Anne of Brackley.bmpZephrox DeLugh.bmp
Zephrox DeLugh Sable, saltire raguly or, charged with a sun arrayed satire gules surmounted by a lugh's knot argent, a crescent in chief, a decrescent in sinister, an increscent in dexter, inverted crescent in base Polaris Galandor
  Anne of Brackley Per bend argent and purpure a maunch countercharged. Solaris Galandor
Antinious Darkfrye.tif
Antinious Darkfyre Per bend sinister gules and vert, a plate in chief, a sword fesswise with point dexter in base argent Solaris Galandor
Arlon color.bmp
Arlon Elanesse per chevron azure and or, two phoenixes addorsed displayed with wings inverted or in chief, a cross pointed argent fembriated sable in base Solaris Galandor
Claud color.bmp
Claud per pale or and vert, a shoval proper bendwise Solaris Galandor
Cyris O'Shea.tif
Cyris O'Shea per chevron azure and argent, a wolf rampant in chief, a bugle horn in base countercharged Solaris Galandor
Evan Nathaniel Hawkins.bmp
Evan Nathaniel Hawkins Per pale vert and sable, a decrescent argent in fess. Solaris Galandor
Gaelen O'Flaharty.bmp
Gaelen O'Flaharty Per chevron sable and purpure a hand argent. Solaris Galandor
Garrit Kendel.bmp
Garrit Kendel Quarterly vert and gules, first and fourth a bend argent, second a cross crosslet fitchy or, third a hap or Solaris Galandor
Gillian Tacker.tifIanthe Orich.bmp
Gillian Tacker Argent gutte' des larme', a stag's head sable gorged with a cornet and chain or Solaris Galandor
  Ianthe Orich Azure, a winged unicorn rampant wings displayed in fess argent, armed and unguled Or, a popinjay statant in base proper. Solaris Galandor
Jean Argent, a bend sable, a heart gules pierced by a sword in bend sinister point downward proper Solaris Galandor
Josceline Marie Tourneau.bmp
Josceline Marie Tourneau Per bend sinister gules and azure, a cat-a-mountain statrant contourne' and a unicorn rampant both argent Solaris Galandor
Katerina Zelena Griffith.bmp
Katarina Zelena Griffith al Hurra Per bend sinister azure and vert, a mullet argent in bend in chief, a decrescent argent in bend in dester, a griffin passant Or in sinister. Solaris Galandor
Kheldar Vert, on a bend between a marquisette coronet and a harp Or, three gauntlets sable. Solaris Galandor
Largo Eximas of Kenyon.bmp
Largo Eximas of Kenyon Sable, a skull with horns gules in fess. Solaris Galandor
Lark Evintonanalexisaisalandi Per bend sinister azure and sable, the rune "teiwaz" argent Solaris Galandor
Lorelei von Bremerhaven.bmp
Lorelei von Bremerhaven Per fess engrailed, chief vert, base azure. Atop a pillar argent a Celtic harp Or. Solaris Galandor
mark.bmpMynwyn verch Gruffydd.bmpRobert von Rohr.bmpMorgan color.bmp
Marcillius Evintonanalexisaisalandi Sable, a square argent, three triangles argent two in chief one in base sinister all voided Solaris Galandor
  Morgan da Winter Azure upon a flaunch argent, a compass star with four major points or Solaris Galandor
  Mynwyn verch Gruffydd Quarterly sable and azure, a dragon passant argent in fess. Solaris Galandor
  Robert von Rohr Per bend argent and sable, a spade counter charged in fess. Solaris Galandor
Thomas Orich.bmp
Thomas Orich Argent, a chevron purpure, between two popinjays statant to fess in chief proper and a crescent in base sable. Solaris Galandor
Thomas Orich 2.bmp
Thomas Orich Argent, a popinjay statant proper. Solaris Galandor
William al-Mawrid de Azuaga.bmp
William Al-Mawrid de Azuaga Gules, pallets or, a sea lion armed or within a bordure azure cinquefoil argent Solaris Galandor
William Colin Smith.bmpadon.bmp
William Colin Smith Azure, a bend argent, over all an eagle descending wings addorsed proper, between a patriarchal cross with three bars the uppermost upturned Or fimbriated argent in chief and a heart Or fimbriated argent in base all within a bordure argent. Solaris Galandor
  Adon von Hesser Vert, a dragon rampent or upon a chief embattled argent three maltese crosses gules Stahldrache Galandor
Ailleann OConnor.bmp
Ailleann O'Connor Per chevron rompu murrey and vert, two decrescents in chief and a doe's head erased in base argent   Osgard
Alainna OConchobhair.bmp
Alainna O'Conchobhair Per chevron Purpure and or two estoiles or in chief, two roses slipped and leaved proper in saltire base   Osgard
Arteur von der Inglis.bmp
Arteur von der Inglis per cross the first quarter argent a lion satient purpure, the second and third quarters paly purpure and argent, the fourth quarter purpure   Osgard
Avon rhag Mynydd.tif
Avon rhag Mynydd Azure, a mountion or in fess, a linx couchant gaurdant with an uprised paw gules overall withing a bourder embattled sable   Osgard
Connor OConnor.tif
Connor O'Connor Azure, an owl affronty perched on two arrows in saltier or   Osgard
Damaris Lockewood von Lubeck.tif
Damaris Lockewood von Lubeck Per bend sinister azure and purpure, a sword with flowering vine proper overall in fess   Osgard
Elric Bishop.bmpJohanna Wynter.tif
Elric Bishop Argent, a pillar of fire proper in fess, an axe to the dexter crossing a sword to the sinister proper in fess overall   Osgard
  Johanna Wynter Argent, a mullet azure pierced by an arrow gules within a bordure azure   Osgard
Joseph OHanlon.bmpKelli McGregor.tifKhalil abd Al Alim.bmpMordred of Staffordshire.bmpMorgana of Northwind.bmp
Joseph O'Hanlon Sable on an arched vert in base, a boar passant gules, a mullet of eight at the honor point with four points major, four points minor   Osgard
  Kelli McGregor Azure withing a bordure argent, a rondell sable with a decrescent argent in dexter chief, a compass star argent in sinister chief, a cross of four oak leaves or, vert, sable and gules in fess   Osgard
  Khalil abd al-Alim Azure, two cottise argent in fess between crescent argent chief and a cup or in base   Osgard
  Mordred of Staffordshire Per pale ermines and ermine upheld in a hand proper a tower proper crossed by two swords peoper in fess   Osgard
  Morgana of Northwind Tierced in pairle reversed dexter chief azure, sinister chief purpure, base gules, eight pointed mullet or dexter chief, crescent argent sinister chief, eye proper with azure iris base   Osgard
Myrddin Oakarm.bmp
Myrddin Robin Oakarm Quarterly, 1st and 4th gules, a chalice or surrounded by oak leaves and acorn proper in the 1st, 2nd sable a fret couped or, 3rd chequey or and sable, an arms embowed in armor with hand gauntleted proper over all, grasping the chalice of the first   Osgard
Otto von Lindbergh.bmpRauf Frogenhall.bmpRavenal Frogenhall.tif
Otto von Lindbergh Sable, on a bend sinister or a raven's feather sable, on a canton or a maltese cross gules   Osgard
  Rauf Frogenhall Argent, a frog rampant vert, drawing a bow and arrow gules within a bordure azure   Osgard
  Ravenal Frogenhall Per base wavy or and azure, a frog rampant vert equipped with a sword and shield proper over all   Osgard
Reinhart von Nvrnberg.tif
Reinhart Von Nvrnberg Sable, a chief embatteled sable fimbriated argent, a cross pate'e gules fimbriated argent in fess   Osgard
Robert Butler.tif
Robert Butler Gules a chevron azure, an elephant passant argent   Osgard
Rowan Oakarm.tif
Rowan Oakarm Purpure, three roses or in chief, two needles in saltire proper threaded with twining ribbons or in fess, a sun wheel with acorns and oak leaves proper at the cardinal points in base.   Osgard
Seigfried von Lubeck.tif
Seigfried von Lubeck Per pale sable and argent, within a bordure urdy gules a wolf's head countercharged in fess   Osgard
Shilara Donnachaidh.bmp
Shilara Robertson Donnachaidh Quarterly gules and Or, a unicorn rampant argent armed or, a thistle proper in canton sinister   Osgard
Snaebjorn Haroldsson.bmp
Snaebjorn Haroldsson Per pale gules and or a thor's hammer in fess within a bordure counterchanged   Osgard
Contessa Lady Dame Chimera the Cleric.bmp
Aranea per chevron azure and vert, a phoenix or in dexter chief, a spider or in sinister chief a torch proper surmounted by a book proper in base Capella Vega
  Bridgeit of Liosalfar Argent, a bend azure, a cat couchant argent, a dragon sejant azure in base, a fairy rising purpure in chief Capella Vega
  Chimera the Cleric Vert, a rune Or in dexter, a Chimera Rampant in sinister on a Canton Gules fimbriated Or a Bezant Capella Vega
Frederic de Gove per tierced pairle inverted azure, or and vert, a sun of the second in dexter, four bends gules in sinister, an ox head caboshed argent in base Capella Vega
  Kreg Asay Purpure, Ogham letter "Coll" argent in chief, two chevronels braced and couped argent in base. Capella Vega
Kurt von der Wintermere.bmpLord Sir Otto der Bear.bmp
Kurt von der Wintermere   Capella Vega
  Otto der Baer Vert, a cross potent Argent in fess, an inverted triangle Gules overall Capella Vega
Sq Aeryn Hunter.bmp
Parksedys Turova doch' Erminois an apres passant gules between two flaunches sable each charged with a fusil or Capella Vega
  Aeryn Hunter Azure, Vert per bend sinister Argent, an Owl contourne' Argent Cithara Vega
biv color.bmp
Ailean MacDonald Gyronny of eight purpure and gules a swan argent Cithara Vega
Akim Mohammed Hassan Sable, a decrescents with a mullet between the points gules fimbriated argent in chief, the sigil sable upon a tortueau Cithara Vega
Akira color.bmp
Akira Jardine of Annandale Per chevron reversed or and azure, a dragon head contourne' azure incensed gules Cithara Vega
alan of greenstone manor.bmp
Alan of Greenstone Manor Sable, a lizard tergiant or within a orle murry fimbriated or Cithara Vega
Lord Sir Alesdair Llwellyn.bmp
Alesdair Llewellyn Purpure, Boar contourne' Or vulned by an arrow Sable embrued Sanguine Cithara Vega
Anna Kase.bmp
Anna Kase Per chevron purpure and argent, an eight point mullet argent in chief, a swan rising wings elevated and inverted sable in base Cithara Vega
Antonio di Medici.bmp
Antonio di Medici Argent, an eagle displayed gules in fess, five bezants on breast Cithara Vega
sir arthur.bmp
Aurther de Powella Per fess wavy argent and gules, a falcion inverted on the bend dexter surmounted a bable on the bend sinister countercharged Cithara Vega
Lady Azriele.bmp
Azriele Argent, a panther sejant affronty sable eating a ribbon murry with five fleur-de-lis argent upon a stock proper Cithara Vega
Baird Morgan Parted per pale or and vert, a raven displayed fimbriated or on vert Cithara Vega
Sir Baytai.bmp
Viscountess Dame Beathag de la Glenn.bmp
BayTai Per pale Gules, Sable, a mounted archer courant Argent Cithara Vega
  Beathag de la Glenn Gules, a Coin, two entwined dragons heads, the dexter gules, the sinister Sable, an open book covered Gules Cithara Vega
Bella of Toulouse Argent, a twelve pointer Lotus - Flower azure, barbed and slipped or, slipped fimbriated Sable Cithara Vega
Dame Brynn verch Morgan.bmpca_lalah.jpgjames color.bmp
Brother James of Winchester Quarterly azure and argent, a chalice argent in the first, three swords azure in the second, a wolf rampent murry in the third, a rose argent proper in the fourth, surmounted by a fillet cross gules Cithara Vega
  Brynne verch Morgan Gules, a Plate, a Corbie with wings inverted Sable Cithara Vega
  Ca'lalah Rosemyrth Vert, on a bend sinister or three roses of the first Cithara Vega
Calam Stiubnard Per pale gules, argent, a deaths head counterchanged Cithara Vega
sir cam.bmpCarlo Montefusco.bmp
Camillo di Lombardi Vert, on a chief undy counter undy or, a lion passant sable Cithara Vega
  Carlo Montefusco Vert, three coins above three chalices or one and two Cithara Vega
Baron Sir Coranata MacMurin.jpg
Coranata MacMurin Argent, a bend Or fimbriated vert bordure Or, a Dragon incensed Vert sinister, a Clover Vert dexter, a lozenge in base Or, a long cross Argent fimbriated Gules Cithara Vega
sir cyrus.bmp
Cyrus de Shadowmacheur Sable, on a bend sinister azure three fleur-di-lis argent, cranium affronte argent dexter chief, scales argent sinister base Cithara Vega
Daira Argent, Norse rune "Fehoh" and "Eihwas" Gules, a bordure Vert Cithara Vega
Dash Ravenscar.bmp
Dash Titus Argent, a crescent Azure, a wagon wheel proper (Minor) Cithara Vega
dame delphi.bmp
Deiphi of Darkenwald Azure a decrescent argent in fess Cithara Vega
Dame Drawyna na'Maxwell.bmp
Drawyna Lockheart na'Maxwell Azure, a Dragon sejent Or, an open book Gules fimbriated Or Cithara Vega
Elena de Roja per pale gules and or, two lions combatant or bendwise in dexter and five mullets of eight points two, one, two azure Cithara Vega
Lady Dame Emlyn Enke Ulfguld Vigamor.bmp
Emilyn Enke Ulfguld Vigamor Azure, six Sable bees Or wings and stripes torrax Gules with"Dragon Eye" rune Sable stinger Gules in "Tuder Rose" configuration around drop of blood proper Cithara Vega
Dame Ephiny daughter of Kia.bmp
Ephiny daugther of Kia Purpure, a Rose Argent within a decresent and a increscent Azure fimbriated Argent fesswise Cithara Vega
Earl Eric & Dame Sova.bmp
Eric and Sova Stavanger Sable, a two headed snake entwined Vert Cithara Vega
Sq Fianait.bmp
Fianait Tierced per pall, sable chief, arrows in salter or, murry dexter, a rose argent, vert sinister, a hummingbird argent rising Cithara Vega
tarince color.bmp
Garren Augustus Crowe Argent, a crow proper in dexter, three pile wavy enhanced in sinister gules Cithara Vega
Sir Garrick Durkseele von Kobln.bmpDame Isabeau Needlemyer.bmp
Garrick Durkseele von Kobln Murry, Vert, Tierced palewise bars Or, a Wyvern Or in fess Cithara Vega
  Isabeau Needlemyer Azure, a Needle Argent, an increscent in dexter, a decresent in sinister, a crescent inverted at bace Argent Cithara Vega
John Anthony.bmp
John Anthony Sable. A knight chesspiece or Cithara Vega
Earl Sir John Dalton.bmp
John Dalton Azure, a Lion Rampant Gaurdant Or in fess between three crosses botanny Argent in dexter, as many of the same sinister and one in base, a chief clover counter - clover Or Cithara Vega
john lawless.bmp
John Lawless Sable, a hangman's noose argent Cithara Vega
Sir John Maxwell.bmp
John Maxwell Gules, a wood mallet proper with a wood chisel in salter Cithara Vega
Dame Joscelyn Montgomery.bmp
Joscelyn Montgomery Sable, Swords Or in saltire Gules roses proper entwined swords Cithara Vega
justin case.bmpld kathren.bmp
Justin Kase Quarterly gules and argent crowned ape counterchanged Cithara Vega
  Kathryn Perryn Quarterly argent and sable, a cross maltese gules in the first, a goddess vert holding an open book overhead purpure Cithara Vega
Kavin Fitz Mattlocke Vert, a plate, a three tailed fox gules within a wreath of ivy or, pan pipes argent in base Cithara Vega
Sir Lassidor Vandolini.bmp
loralinde Vandolini.tif
Lassidor Vandolini Sable, an anvil Or surmounted by a heart Gules fimbriated Or, pierced by a Saber and a Broad Sword Argent in saltire Cithara Vega
  Loralinde Vandolini Per chevron reversed argent and azure, a mullet argent in chief, two ravens sable conjoined close purpure tinctured argent in base Cithara Vega
Sir Louis Silverhawk.bmpLuccia Chara D'Asissi.tif
Louis Silverhawk Azure, a bend Or, three Fleur-de-lis Argent two and one, an Eagle Argent displayed and armed, Bordure Or Cithara Vega
  Luccia Chiara d'Assissi of Cortona Argent, a chevron vert, a lizard sable, a mullet in chief dexter, a increscent in chief sinister sable Cithara Vega
Malchon von Scorpius Quarterly sable and gules a fillet cross argent upon a plate a scorpion gules overall Cithara Vega
Matthias of Glenn Devon Sable, in pale an equal armed Celtic Cross and a Cauldron Argent within an Orle embattled outwards Or Cithara Vega
devin - bells.bmp
Matthias of Glenn Devon Or on a pale sable, four hawk bells or Cithara Vega
devin - pnd.bmp
Matthias of Glenn Devon Or a pale sable with the Greek letters Pi, Nu, Delta in argent Cithara Vega
Sir Mattlock O'Brien.bmp
Mattlock O'Brien Sable, a Plate, a Wyvern Gules erect holding a barrel proper Cithara Vega
don Michel color.bmp
Michel de Pietramala Purpure, bourdered Argent, tierced palewise bars Sable fimbriated Argent, a Hammer Argent Cithara Vega
Mikha'il Ibn ‘Abdullah al-Nur-al-Din Murry, a simiatr argent upon a chief or a rams skull caboshed sable Cithara Vega
  Mor'-gahan O'Malley Argent, an azure bordure, a sable alaund endowed refardent with an argent broken coller, vorant a sword argent Cithara Vega
Sir Sanshiro Musashi.bmp
Musahi Sanshiro Azure, waves of the sea proper, bordure Argent Cithara Vega
Dame Nadianna Stjarnulf.bmp
Nadianna Stjarnulf Tenne', a Norse rune "Eihway" Sable between four pointed mullets Sable one, two and one Cithara Vega
  Paul de Marseilles per bend argent and sable, a cross maltese gules Cithara Vega
Peitsch Ulfric Wolfram Per fess argent and azure, tri-horns of midgard serpent counterchanged base Cithara Vega
Lady Dame Rhiannon Audris.bmp
Sir Riehn von Holchle.bmp
Rhiannon Avdris Azure undy or, a unicorn head couped argent, horn or deme chaplet of flower purpure barbed and seeded Cithara Vega
  Riehn von Hochie Argent, a crossformy couped Gules in fess, a Sword Gules palewise in sinister and dexter base Cithara Vega
Lord Sir  Robert McColin.bmprose.bmp
Robert McColin Per bend gules and sable, a port with two towers argent Cithara Vega
  Rose of Aberlene Vert, a winged cow statant argent in fess, a rose proper in its mouth Cithara Vega
Dame Roselynn Griffith.jpg
Roselynn Griffith Or and vert, a bend sinister erminse between a rose barbed and seeded proper in dexter chief and a griffin segreant or in sinister base Cithara Vega
Sir Ryan Ravnenscar.bmp
Ryan Ravenscar Argent, a Wagon Wheel proper surmounted by a Raven proper Cithara Vega
Dame Sable Tolos Litllefox.bmp
Sable Tolos Purpure, a Cheetah Sejent to the sinister proper in fess Cithara Vega
  Satianna Lefebvre Purpure, a griffin segreant or Cithara Vega
Sir Seamus Og.bmp
Seamus Og Sable, an oak tree proper, three Acorns barbed peoper Cithara Vega
Dame Selene Shayla Rose Ravenscar.bmp
Selene Shayla Rose Ravenscar Azure, Lancaster Rose barbed and seeded fimbriated Argent, Argent crescent countered chief Cithara Vega
Dame Shilene Lockheart.bmp
Shirlene Lockheart Brown, a Heart Vert in fess Cithara Vega
Sq Sigfried der Schwarzturm.bmp
Sigfried der Schwarzturum Azure, Scythes poper in saltire, two Eyes Sable fimbriated Argent in chief Cithara Vega
Lord Tanis McClay.bmp
Tanis McClay Per bend sinister Or, Sable, a Unicorn Rampant Argent, Purpure, a Snowflake Argent Cithara Vega
Tarsion Blackwood Purpure a fillet cross sable fimbriated argent upon a plate in honor point a increcent sable Cithara Vega
Vladimier Tolos Argent, a Wolf's face Sable eating a Rose slipped proper in fess Cithara Vega
Volker Brauer Azure, a tankered flamant at the mouth argent Cithara Vega
William Bane Sable, a chevron or between a balance argent in chief and a cranium affronte inpaled a kriss argent in base Cithara Vega
Winter of Tara Quarterly gules and azure and eight pointed mullet argent in the first and fourth, two lions rampant combatant argent between three crescents argent in the second and third Cithara Vega
Wolfe Sable, three bendlets sinister gules overall a wolf dormant argent Cithara Vega
Sir Wulfgar von Brisol1.bmp
Wulfgar von Bristol Gules, a bend Or, cross flory Gules three, Wolf Rampant Argent chief sininster and base dexter Cithara Vega
Wulfric Graymail per chevron sable and argent. Two towers and a sea-inicorn naiant counterchanged Cithara Vega
Yasmin Jana al-Arson Gules, a croucus argent barbed and seeded gules Cithara Vega
  Ysabell O'Wick Per pale sable and purpure on a mascle argent voided per pale purpure and sable a dragonfly wings extended argent Cithara Vega
Sine as Monadh.bmpimpact.bmp
Sine as Monadh Or, three crescents in annulo Purpure, overall an Annulet Sable KyrByr Vega
  Ian Michael Pact Sable, twin powder pistols proper in saltire surmounted by half skull Gules, two Sabers proper counter changed chief and base Port San Vlaidimir Vega
Dame Valdi's Gyd'ja.bmp
Valdi's Gyd'ja Sable,azure, a Gyronny of eight, a Cauldron Argent Port San Vlaidimir Vega
Brizo de Corazziao de Marrone Quarterly vert and sable, a fleur-de-lis or in the first and fourth surmounted by a fillet cross or Terra Norta Vega
c silverwind color.bmp
Casina Silverwind Per pale argent and azure, three mullet's azure dexter, a g clef argent sinister Terra Norta Vega
TN chandra silverwind.bmp
Chandra Silverwind Argent, chevornels sable, three mullets sable in chief, a wolf sejant head erect sable in fess, seven mullets forming uras major in base Terra Norta Vega
Coniach McCleod Sable, a cross argent, a lion rampent vert Terra Norta Vega
TN DaeNadel.bmpTN Cyrius.bmp
Cyrius de Mon Bend Azure and Gules Arrows in saltire Argent sinister chief, decresent Argent dexter base Terra Norta Vega
  Dae Nadel Sable, a mullet within an Annulet pierced bt a needle Argent Terra Norta Vega
TN draco.bmp
Drako Bogen Sable, a Dragon vert langued and tufted Gules, Queue Sable fimbriated Argent, transfixed by an arrow Argent in fess point Terra Norta Vega
TN Edwin.bmp
Edwin Graylock Or, a Unicorn head erased Gules, a chief dancetty Azure with three mullets of eight Argent Terra Norta Vega
tn fiona.bmp
Fiona Argent, two arrows in saltier sable surmounted by a unicorn head contourne' erased purpure Terra Norta Vega
TN Ginevra.bmp
Ginevra della Cascata Ermine, a saltire per saltire dovetailed, Quarterly counter changed Gules, Sable, a Unicorn Rampent Or Terra Norta Vega
TN Guston.bmp
Iain MacAndrew color.bmp
isabela marie.bmp
Gustov Holst Sable, a shield Argent, a round bourder wavy Azure tinctured Argent, a heater arched Sable, a Sword in Anvil Terra Norta Vega
  Iain MacAndrew Argent, a cheron sable, three oak trees sable two in chief and one in base Terra Norta Vega
  Isabella Marie Quarterly vert and sable, a sword argent in dexter chief and a rose argent in sinister base Terra Norta Vega
TN Katrin.bmp
Katrin Kessel Argent, bordure Vert, a Cauldron proper filled Or, Ore sheaves in saltire Or Terra Norta Vega
Dame Kyrie.bmp
Kyrie McKay Argent, a Phoenix Gules Terra Norta Vega
Leocadia Vert, a cat rampant guardant argent on a chief Nebuly argent a ivy sprig sanguine Terra Norta Vega
Maxamillion Esteven Armentia.bmp
Maxamillion Esteven Armentia Murry, a pall Sable fimbriated Argent, a Pawne in his pride proper Terra Norta Vega
Shmenderek O'Quinn.bmp
Shmendrek O'Quinn Vert, between three crescents argent, a dragon's head or Terra Norta Vega
Stormcrow Argent, a Dragon vert incensed Gules Terra Norta Vega
  Yoshi Takada Argent, a legless wyvern vert insensed gules in sinister chief, a pellet containing three talons argent in triscele surmounting a ring argent in dexter base Terra Norta Vega

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